Meetings may be suspended to avoid gatherings of 10 or more to minimize the transmission of coronavirus and COVID-19. 

If a contact exists for the meeting, check with the contact whether the meeting is taking place.

  Each meeting is autonomous and makes their own decisions about when to meet.

COVID-19 Adjustments

Many Houston area face-to-face meetings are not taking place due to concerns regarding COVID-19 transmission.  Refer to contact information for specific meetings. 

Consider online meetings or phone meetings for support.

Since cash donations at face-to-face meetings may not be possible, 

members can also consider a donation to the ISO of COSA.

 If your face-to-face meeting would like to see if a COSA Zoom room is available during a 

time other than the routine online Zoom meetings, please contact the CZR via cosazoomroom@yahoo.com for available meeting times.


Intergroup volunteers meet every other month to supports Greater Houston COSA meetings

by disseminating information, coordinating events, and acting as a liaison

between local groups and the ISO.

2020 Annual COSA Step Retreat is NOT taking place



ISO link to Phone Meetings


ISO link to Online Meetings 

Questions? Updates?

If you have a question or an update regarding a Houston area meeting, please use the email address listed on the schedule.